Worship at St. Augustine’s is rooted in Holy Scripture and the Book of Common Prayer.
We are followers of Jesus Christ who reflect the diversity of God’s creation. Our growing faith for all of life is grounded in scripture, tradition, reason and experience.
We worship in a liturgical tradition. Being “liturgical,” our worship involves the actions of everyone together. Worship is an intentional act in the presence of the God whom we know to be with us through the revelation of Jesus Christ.
We come to know God primarily as one revealed through scripture and lived experiences. We understand God through the way of love.
We believe in God the Creator. We believe in God who has been made flesh and dwells among us in the person of Jesus. We believe in God’s Spirit who is present. The Holy Spirit moves, directs and works within and around us. God orients God’s self to us so that we may know God’s intent for the fullness of our lives. God’s mission is to love and restore creation.
St. Augustine’s is a sacramental church. We understand our sacraments to be “outward and visible signs of God’s inward invisible grace.” Our primary sacraments are baptism for the forgiveness of sin and Holy Eucharist where we celebrate and receive Christ’s real presence.